Reclaim Our Country Campaign

If you are upset seeing our country being destroyed in such a short time, please join this club in the Reclaim Our Country Campaign.  We are teaming up with some former Tea Party people, who are organizing an email-based effort to counter the progressives.  Please do the following:

  1. Take out an email address at ProtonMail, go to  ProtonMail, based in Switzerland, is a free, secure, encrypted email service.
  1. Send your Proton email address to the organizers* at  They are keeping a spreadsheet of the email addresses. 
  1. Then take action as the organizers suggest.  For example, the organizers wrote a letter to Coca Cola’s CEO and sent it to the email list, suggesting that everyone write a similar letter or use theirs. 

Helpful hint: When you take out the email address, put in your regular email as a “recovery email.”  Then you will receive notifications that there is a message for you at Proton Mail.  You click on the link and it takes you to ProtonMail.  That way, you need to check only one email address for messages.

To be effective, we need to develop a large, nationwide email list, so please sign up!  Let’s Reclaim Our Country.

*Some of you may have reservations about dealing with people whose names you do not know.  Please be assured that they are responsible, respectable club members.  They won’t know your name, either. You will be private and they will be private. 

To further clarify the anonymity, only this group email list will be anonymous so the group won’t be targeted.  When you email or send a snail mail letter, you can use your name and regular email address.