Upcoming Events

  • The Permanent Coup

    Speaking on his recently released book, “The Permanent Coup: How Enemies Foreign and Domestic Targeted the American President,” crusading investigative journalist Lee Smith reveals who is responsible for targeting President Trump, from the phony Russia collusion narrative to the riots ruining our cities.  Join the timely pre-election Zoom meeting of the Gertrude and Morrison Parker […]

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    Cathy Bernstein for Congress

    The Gertrude & Morrison Parker West Side Republican Club is proud to announce that our own Treasurer and Board of Directors member, Cathy Bernstein is running for Congress in District 10 against Jerry Nadler! A life long New York Republican, SUNY Albany Business graduate, and Upper West Side resident for the past 35 years, Cathy […]

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Our club is growing rapidly, and we want you on our team!

Republican Party is active and strong on the upper west side of Manhattan

Our Goals

  • Electing a Republican governor

  • Getting Republicans elected locally

  • Regaining control over our health care

  • Making New York a place of job-creation

  • Keeping New Yorkers safe

  • Getting involved in our West Side community

What We Do

  • Hold monthly meetings to become well-versed on the issues and educate the public

  • Recruit candidates for public office

  • Volunteer for Republican candidates

  • Gather signatures on party designating petitions

  • Register voters

  • Distribute absentee ballots

  • Participate in street fairs

  • Appoint election inspectors and poll watchers

  • Support the county and state Republican organizations

  • Liaise with community organizations such as community boards, police precinct councils, and the West Side Chamber of Commerce.

  • Hold special events, including hosting speakers and authors and showing films

Get Involved

  • Come to monthly meetings

  • Become a member

  • Participate in our activities

  • Sign petitions for Republican candidates

  • Help collect Republican petition signatures

  • Become a poll worker

  • Volunteer for candidates

We’re here. We’re organized and we’re on the move!

Liberal mayor, Democrat governor, Republicans are outnumbered nearly six to one on the West Side, but don’t despair, for all is not lost. We look upon these events as an opportunity to recharge, reconnect, and rebuild our base.

Come to meet like-minded neighbors, hear candidates, discuss issues, and participate in shaping our government. Together, we can change the course of our city, state and country.

We can succeed by beginning at the grassroots level. Local clubs like ours will determine the success of our party.

Our goals are achievable and we can succeed by beginning at the grassroots level.