Brian Robinson – Candidate for City Council District 4

Brian Robinson – Candidate for City Council District 4

Brian Robinson is the Republican candidate running for NY City Council District 4 in Manhattan. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Philosophy from Tulane University in 2005.

Brian is a proud Jewish American father of two, husband, and outspoken advocate in the fight against antisemitism and hate. He has spoken at multiple End Jew Hatred rallies and has been instrumental in calling out local far left organizations that promote antisemitism on the institutional level. 

He showed leadership early on; mentoring in his high school’s Peer-to-Peer program to help incoming freshmen adapt to their new environment and mentored students entering special education classes. He also volunteered at an inner city Orleans Parish middle school tutoring vulnerable youths in basic sciences. And served on the board of a community park, and continues to be a vocal advocate for public safety.

Brian is also a prolific writer, having been published in the New York Post, Politics NY, and Westview News. In addition, a novel he wrote about ADHD, Adderall Blues, was a finalist for the 2017 American Book Fest Best Book Award.

He has been a guest lecturer on the topic of ADHD since, recently presenting at the Manhattan Adult ADD Support Group where his presentation broke the record number of attendees, as well as Techkids Unlimited at NYU.

In 2009 he founded and managed his own boutique credit consolidation company in his Midtown East apartment, (in the wake of the financial crises), and employed 8 people before selling in 2022. Following the sale of his company, he decided to focus his energy toward public service in the face of the monumental challenges New York City faces. Brian firmly believes that most of these challenges are a function of poor governance.

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