Robert K. Boyce

Robert K. Boyce

For more than three decades Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce served the people of New York City. When he retired, Chief Boyce left behind a legacy of honorable service, culminating with his four-year tenure overseeing 77 detective commands and various specialized units as Chief of Detectives. Garnering national attention for his 6-foot-4 frame and unparalleled ability to recall case details, Chief Boyce has become one of the most recognizable crime fighters in the country.

Chief Boyce began his career with the NYPD in January 1983 and rapidly ascended through the ranks during a time when crime in the city was at an all-time high. After only five years on the job, he made sergeant as he continued to display an unprecedented understanding of the neighborhoods he patrolled. Working in troubled precincts such as the 73 and 75, Boyce never shied away from hard work. During his career, he successfully commanded several precincts throughout the city, including the 67, 77, and 40 Precinct. Through his experience in a myriad of enforcement assignments, Chief Boyce gained a vast knowledge of police work in both hands-on and supervisorial positions. Before he was appointed to Chief of Detectives, Boyce spent four years running the citywide Gang Division where he focused on dismantling gangs that were plaguing neighborhoods with violence.

In 2014, former Police Commissioner William Bratton appointed Boyce to Chief of Detectives with the explicit goal of returning a voice to this essential position. As Chief of Detectives, Boyce was able to form strong ties with reporters and open up the lines of communication with members of the media. Under his leadership, the Detective Bureau saw a restructuring that sought to better utilize specialized units to zero in on career criminals. His dedication to precision policing, focusing on the small number of people driving the majority of crime; will continue to have a profound impact on plummeting crime rates throughout the city.

After 35 years of fighting crime in New York City, Boyce hit the mandatory retirement age of 63. His incredible career came to an end on April 16, 2018 with a ceremonial NYPD walkout from police headquarters. Despite inclement weather, hundreds braved the rain to thank Chief Boyce for his incomparable loyalty, passion, and leadership.

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