Sam Nunberg

Sam Nunberg

Sam Nunberg is both an accomplished attorney as well as a political strategist with a focus on communications, messaging, and persuasive narratives.

Mr. Nunberg has worked on successful presidential and senatorial campaigns. In 2008, Mr. Nunberg was an adviser to Gov. Mitt Romney with a focus on grassroots coalitions and conservative outreach.

From 2011 until mid-2015, Mr. Nunberg served as a political and public affairs adviser to the Trump campaign with a focus on strategic messaging, speechwriting, and policy as well as conservative and political media outreach.

Previously, Mr. Nunberg served as the Deputy Political Director to the American Center for Law and Justice where he coordinated a media and legal strategy that helped successfully defeat the building of the Ground Zero Mosque.

Simultaneously, Mr. Nunberg also served as a UN Delegate on behalf of the European Centre of Law and Justice with a focus on advocacy in opposition to the Organization of Islamic Conference’s ‘Defamation of Religions’ as well as opposing the Palestinian Authority’s 2009 attempt to accede to the ICC’s jurisdiction under the Rome Statute and the legal conclusions of the infamous Goldstone Report with the goal of investigating the Israeli Defense Force for war crimes.

Mr. Nunberg also served as Counsel to the Middle East Forum as well as Director of The Legal Project, the Forum’s initiative to defend the free speech rights of authors and activists discussing radical Islam and related topics both domestically and internationally.

Mr. Nunberg is currently the senior advisor to Steve Bannon.  He earned a B.A. from McGill University and a J.D. from Touro Law School.