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2016 Meetings

Pictures from the 2016 meetings of the Gertrude & Morrison Parker West Side Republican Club

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James O'Keefe

James O'Keefe speaks at the December 2016 meeting

Lawrence Kudlow

Larry Kudlow speaks at the November 2016 meeting

Richard Epstein

Richard Epstein speaks at the October 2016 meeting

Stephen Steinlight

Stephen Steinlight speaks at the September 2016 meeting

Michael Mulkasey

Michael Mulkasey speaks at the June 2016 meeting

Herb London

Herb London speaks at the May 2016 meeting

James Fitzsimmons

James Fitzsimmons speaks at the April 2016 meeting

Amity Shlaes

Amity Shlaes speaks at the March 2016 meeting

William Kristol

Marcia Drezon-Tepler, Stephen M. Evans III, meet William Kristol with Debra Leible at the February 2016 meeting.

Ahmed Farouk

Ahmed Farouk speaks at the Jaunary 2016 meeting.

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