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Meeting Archive

Regular Club Meeting - March 6, 2018

Speaker: Derk Jan Eppink

Europe's Take on Trump

Regular Club Meeting - February 6, 2018

Speaker: Patrick J. Michaels, Cato Institute

The Social Benefits of...Lukewarming


State of the Union Watch Party



Regular Club Meeting - January 2, 2018

Speaker: Jonathan T. Gilliam

Sheep No More: The Art of Awareness and Attack Survival



Regular Club Meeting - December 5, 2017

Speaker: Mark Meckler

How the States Can Save America!



Regular Club Meeting - November 16, 2017

Speaker: Sally Pipes

On Obamacare



Regular Club Meeting - October 17, 2017

Speaker: Gordon Chang

Trump, China and North Korea: War or Peace?



Regular Club Meeting - September 5, 2017

Speaker: Tom Bergdall, Citizens Union

The Case for a New York State Constitutional Convention



Special Club Meeting - June 27, 2017

Speakers: Darren Aquino, Roque de la Fuente, Michel Faulkner, and Nicole Malliotakis

Meet Republican Citywide Candidates


Regular Club Meeting - June 20, 2017

Speaker: John Fund

The Trump Administration: Shock and Awe



Regular Club Meeting - May 2, 2017

Speakers: Paul J. Massey

Meet the Next Mayor (Possibly!)



Regular Club Meeting - April 4, 2017

Speakers: Doug Schoen and Ed Cox

The Nixon Effect: How Richard Nixon's Presidency Fundamentally Changed American Politics



Faithkeepers the Movie - March 19, 2017

Speakers: Paula Kweskin




Regular Club Meeting - March 7, 2017

Speakers: James Fitzsimmons and Michael Cutler

Terrorism and Immigration: What's the Link?



Regular Club Meeting - February 7, 2017

Speaker: Wallace S. Bruschweiler

Counterterrorism: Past, Present, Future



Regular Club Meeting - January 3, 2017

Speaker: James Taranto

Trump's Victory



Regular Club Meeting - December 6, 2016

Speaker: James O'Keefe

The Transformative Power of Investigative Journalism



Regular Club Meeting - November 1, 2016

Speaker: Larry Kudlow

Washington to Wall Street



Regular Club Meeting - October 13, 2016

Speaker: Richard Epstein

Polarization Today: It's Causes and Consequences



Regular Club Meeting - September 6, 2016

Speaker: Stephen Steinlight




Regular Club Meeting - June 7, 2016

Speaker: Michael Mukasey

The Terrorist Threat to This Country: It Didn't Start with 9/11 and It's Not Quickly Disappearing



Regular Club Meeting - May 3, 2016

Speaker: Herbert I. London, London Center for Policy Research

Directions in American Foreign Policy


Regular Club Meeting - April 5, 2016

Speaker: James Fitzsimmons, Joint Terrorism Task Force

Understanding the Terrorist and His Organization: The First Step in Combating the Threat


Regular Club Meeting - March 1, 2016

Speaker: Amity Shlaes,

Presidents, Foundations, the Economy, and More


Regular Club Meeting - February 2, 2016

Speaker: William "Bill" Kristol, Weekly Standard

2016: Year of Decision


Regular Club Meeting - January 5, 2016

Speaker: Ambassador Ahmed Farouk, Counsel General of Egypt in New York

United We Stand Against Terrorism


Regular Club Meeting - March 4, 2013

Speaker: John Catsimatidis, Mayoral Candidate

New York City Mayoral Race


Regular Club Meeting - February 4, 2013

Speaker: George McDonald, Mayoral Candidate

New York City Mayoral Race


Regular Club Meeting - November 13, 2012

Speaker: Mark Diller

Mark Diller is Chair of Community Board 7 on the Upper West Side, NYC.   He is on the community advisory councils for the Global Learning Collaborative High School and the Frank McCourt High School for Writing, Journalism, and Literature.

Prior to his community board service, Mark was a recidivist PTA president and School Leadership Team chair. Mark also serves on discernment committees assisting postulants aspiring to the Episcopal priesthood. Mark’s day job is the practice of law, having taken responsibility for matters relating to the insider trading scandals of the '80s, the Monica Lewinsky scandal in the '90s, the Napster/ litigations of the 2000s, and a steady diet of copyright and trademark issues and commercial disputes along the way.

Mark is a certified instructor in Taiko – Japanese drums played as ensemble instruments. Mark makes his home on the Upper West Side with his wife and teenage son, who has benefitted from a world-class education at public schools within walking distance of the 1 train.


Regular Club Meeting - December 4, 2012

Speaker: Adolfo Carrión Jr., former Bronx borough president who is seeking the GOP nomination for Mayor.

Adolfo Carrion knows a thing or two about city life. In addition to serving two terms as New York City's Bronx Borough President, he has a degree in urban planning and job experience as a minister and public school teacher in the Bronx, which is why Barack Obama has tapped him to serve in a newly created executive branch position — White House Director of Urban Affairs. (See Who's Who in the Obama White House)

Fast Facts:

• Has been president of the Bronx since 2001 and was re-elected in 2005.

• Is 47 and married to a lawyer. They have three daughters and a son and live on City Island in the Bronx.

• Born in Manhattan; his family moved to the northern borough when he was an elementary school student. His father was a minister and Carrion followed in his footsteps, working briefly as an associate pastor. He also worked as a public school teacher before going to graduate school.

• Majored in world religions and philosophy at Kings College in Westchester, N.Y. and has a master's degree in urban planning from Hunter College in New York City.

• Before his two terms as president of the Bronx, worked for the New York City planning department and served as a New York City Council member.

• Sang the Puerto Rican anthem "La Borinquena," at the ceremony where he was sworn in to serve on the New York City Council in 1997.

• Has also worked for a non-profit organization in the Bronx called PROMESA (the Puerto Rican Organization to Motivate, Enlighten and Serve Addicts) after working as a district manager in the Bronx. Carrion was reportedly hired in 1993 in part to improve the image of the organization, which was reeling after a PROMESA official was convicted of ordering the murder of a woman who was auditing the organization's finances.

• During his campaign for Bronx borough president, Carrion was arrested, along with Al Sharpton, for trespassing while protesting U.S. Navy bomb tests on the island of Vieques in Puerto Rico. In an open letter written from his jail cell, Carrion said he was proud of what he had done standing up for the civil rights of the island's inhabitants.

• Is currently president of the National Association of Latino Elected Officials.

• Initially supported Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary, but worked hard for Obama after the Illinois Senator won the nomination, stumping around the country in states with large Latino populations.

• Has said his favorite politician is Abraham Lincoln.

• Has focused much of his attention as a public official on housing. According to the Bronx borough president's office, at least 25,000 new housing units have been built in the borough under Carrion's adminstration.

• Is a devoted New York Yankees fan. Helped orchestrate the deal that led to the building of a new stadium for the team. After a local community board voted against the plan, Carrion removed some of the board members — an act his critics called retaliatory.