Executive Committee

Executive Committee Members of the Gertrude & Morrison Parker West Side Republican Club

Andrew Aiken

Jean Blevins

Jean Blevins is a business owner in NYC and has been with the West Side Republican Club for over 15 years. She has served as the Club’s vice president as well as a former meeting coordinator. She has seen the club grow from a few attendees to now over one hundred and continuing to grow. She feels our voices must be heard in order to keep our freedom, especially in today’s environment, and many voices are stronger than one. Come join us!

Marion DS Dreyfus

Marion DS Dreyfus is a communications specialist with significant experience in campaign politics, healthcare/pharmaceuticals, advocacy and teaching. Her career encompasses extended tenures as a journalist, film and theatre critic, and has been a professor of literature and writing in Colombia, Costa Rica, The People’s Republic of China, Thailand and Hong Kong as well as the United States. She is a published poet and a Mensan.

Marcia Drezon-Tepler

Marcia Drezon-Tepler, founder of Language Masters, is a published writer and editor, specializing in the Middle East, military affairs and terrorism. She’s been especially active in Republican politics since 2008 and currently works at New York City’s Board of Elections. By engaging speakers who attract large audiences and new members, Marcia has successfully raised the club’s profile. Hoping to encourage greater Republican registration, Marcia shares the fact that she was a Democrat until that party left her. She realized that it no longer made sense to remain a Democrat in order to vote in that party’s primaries, for one Democrat is worse than another. The Republican Party needs support, and Marcia works hard to help.

Hy Drusin


Stephen M. Evans III

Stephen M. Evans III has a background in managing both political campaigns and movie theatres. He ran for city council in New York in 2003. Born in Dallas, he moved to New York in 1994. His political views are inspired by Ronald Reagan and Rudy Giuliani.

Poul Hornsleth, III

A Florida native, Poul (Danish spelling of Paul) moved to New York City just prior to 9/11 after graduating with a Computer Engineering degree from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. He has worked in fintech his entire career, including positions as Chief Technology Officer of both a hedge fund and a blockchain start-up. Poul is focussed on our technology initiatives and is always on the look-out for young Republicans to join the club.

James Lalino

Born and raised out on Long Island, James registered Republican at the age of 25 when he realized that leftist-progressive policies lead to rampant corruption, mass poverty, and social decay. He then began spending his days learning the issues and arming himself with the facts. James has traveled all over the world and he is devoted to his faith, family, and friends.

Joseph A. Maffia

Joseph A. Maffia, is Vice President and Treasurer of the Gertrude & Morrison Parker West Side Republican Club, Co-district leader of the 75th Assembly district –south, a member of Community Board 5, and National delegate for the Newt Gingrich 2012 Presidential Campaign and former member of the executive committee of the Metropolitan Republican Club. Joe is a CPA and partner at Janover, LLC in New York City.

James F. McDonnell

James F. McDonnell is a native ‘Manhattanite’ where he graduated from Regis High School and is an alumnus of Boston College. James holds MAs in Finance and in International Relations & Diplomacy (from Newcastle and SOAS – University of London, respectively). Working on two recent NY campaigns stirred an awakening in himself politically to advance Conservative ideals here in NYC. A resilient marathoner, James (aka ‘Mac Atac’) is raising funds for The Green Beret Foundation by road cycling. Whilst a football man at heart, he is a keen supporter of Arsenal F.C. & NYCFC, but follows London Irish through the prism of his playing days at the NYAC R.F.C.

Cathy Wassermann